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How to Deal with Adversity: Top 3 Quick Tips

When you find yourself in a stressful or unpleasant situation, being able to remain calm and in control of your emotions is crucial. There are many methods you can use to become better at dealing with adversity and in this article, we will guide you through 3 steps to find the balance you need. Sometimes when these situations occur it is in our nature to blame ourselves. Instead of looking for solutions, we focus on the problems. This often creates apprehension and makes us want to run away from the situation.

Mentioned below are three steps you can try when these unpleasant, awkward or adverse life situations occur. It is not possible to control every situation in life, but you can control the way you manage them.

1. It is important to stay calm when under pressure:

You can stay calm under pressure by learning to control your breathing by, for example, taking a walk, finding a place to sit or using some simple breathing techniques. Breathing techniques help you to gain control over your breath and are the best way to deal with anxiety, stress or anger.

2. Take control of your thoughts and emotions:

There are many ways you can take control of your thoughts and emotions, where one of them is learning how to control your mind. Instead of letting yourself become anxious, stressed or even depressed, telling yourself the opposite will help your mind attract possible positive outcomes. Focusing on positive outcomes creates more ideas and the subconscious mind starts to adopt these positive ideas and affirmations.

3. Finding solutions to your problems helps to take back control.

For you to stay in control you need to be able to find the solutions to your problems. The better you become at solving situations, the better you become at dealing with adversity. Instead of telling yourself that you are stuck in an impossible situation that you can’t get out of, focus on taking one step at a time. Overthinking in these situations is very common and can make it seem much harder than it is in reality.

Using these three tips when in difficult situations is the best advice in order to become more aware of how to deal with everyday challenges, whether it is a minor or major problem. You are the captain of your ship (your life) and it is up to you whether you want the ship to sink or navigate the big waves.

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