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How to Become A More Happy Person: 3 Quick Tips

From Eastern philosophy to Western psychology the principles about bliss, inner peace and happiness are countless and versatile. However, there is nothing complicated about living a happy life, in fact, the key to it actually lies in simplicity. There are three pieces of advice you will stumble upon again and again in spiritual reads and self-help books which might make you see things from a different angle.

1. Always Be Present

Today, we are living in the age of distractions. Advertising, media and an increasing number of opportunities are all a natural part of our lives by now and they are fighting for our limited attention. Our brain has evolved in a way that it can only focus on one thing at a time: shifting our attention between things is exhausting and unnecessary.

Do you remember how time used to pass so slowly when you were a child? It felt like an eternity to count the days until your birthday and it is because you were always living in the present moment. As adults, we have to learn again to be right here and right now and all it takes is a bit of consciousness about our surrounding and the people around us.

2. Make It A Habit

Your mind is a habit-building machine and anything you repeat will eventually become a routine. You need to be careful about complaining, blaming and negative thoughts because once you pick them up from your environment they might become a part of your life which will harm your well-being.

You can practise seeing the bright side of everything and appreciating people around you so that after a few days or weeks it will be as natural as brushing your teeth. A gratitude journal is one of the favourite life-hacks of personal growth enthusiasts: write down ten things every day you are grateful for in your life and watch the effect of this simple exercise multiply. You might just start to see your city, your home and the people around you more wonderful and wake up with the feeling that life is indeed beautiful.

3. Find Bliss In Detachment

One of the most common mindsets that keep people back from living a happy life is the I’ll be happy when loop. We often tie our happiness to things and events that we are looking forward to in the future like getting the new job or going for a vacation. After we achieve it we are moving on to the next thing and then the one after that and we are constantly delaying our happiness which prevents us from enjoying our life in the present.

It is important that we look back and reflect on our journey, and that we are content with what we already have. Happiness can also be a decision: When you wake up you can answer the question, is it a good day or a bad day? If you decide that your day will turn out the best possible way then no matter what happens you will feel positive regardless of your level of achievement.

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