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The Law of Attraction: The Secret Series

The Law of Attraction: 5 Life Changing Lessons Inspired By The Secret Series

The best-selling books of the secret series by Rhonda Byrne are probably some of the most popular self-help books of all time. They have changed the lives of many by introducing an effortless, yet powerful idea about how the universe works and provides for all of us. Manifesting your dreams in the physical reality is not woo-woo and it makes just as much sense as scientific laws that revolve around giving and receiving energy.

Lesson #1 The Importance Of Positive Thinking

When you hear things like Think positive and Look on the bright side of life, your mind can easily reject the idea. It seems easier to convince logic than to change your mood and your vibe from one level to another, even though it takes only changing your focus.

Complaining and gratitude are both addictive and both can be formed as a habit. Nowadays, complaining is more common than appreciation, especially in high-pressure living environments and you might not be aware of how people around you affect your thinking patterns day by day. The human mind naturally evaluates everything in sight and forms judgements about people, places, and things because this is how it makes sense of the world.

Train your mind to seek great attributes in everything you talk about! When people ask you about your day, start with listing the best moments. Appreciate everyone you meet by focusing on their qualities and seek the benefits of situations that don’t quite fold out as you expect them to. It might take days, weeks or months to train your mind for positive thinking depending on how resistant it is but if you do, one day you won’t recognize yourself! Spreading positive vibes everywhere you go is the first step towards becoming aligned with the universe.

Lesson #2 Your Mind Is a Magnet

Rhonda shares the most powerful secret with us, which is that the human mind works just like gravity, the law of nature: It emits and receives frequencies from the universe. Each thought is your head sends a signal and the universe will respond to you on the same frequency accordingly.

This is how fear attracts danger, sadness creates bad luck, happiness multiplies itself and belief turns into truth. Whatever you focus on will grow bigger and takes place in bigger quantities. We are taught about what is possible and what is not and we have accepted our reality but if we open our minds, miracles can happen. The house you wish to live in and the perfect partner will become your reality once your thoughts resonate with the right frequency and your mind accepts your dreams as not just possible, but familiar. You become the kind of person who lives in that home and the type of person who is in harmony with that partner and so it is natural that they will appear in your reality.

Lesson #3 Your Life Right Now Is a Reflection Of Your Past Thoughts

The reason why rewiring your thoughts might take time is because you first need to remove what you are currently thinking. When you were a child you accepted everything as truth without filtering because you had nothing to compare to. We all start out in life with a blank page and some of the thoughts we internalize serve us and others don’t. Your speed of learning might be slower now but you have the power to select the beliefs that bring joy and abundance for you.

We often blame our environment and other people for the events that occur and affect us when, in reality, it works the other way round. Everything around you is made by a conscious or unconscious thought of your mind and so you have the ability to change them. We arrive to this world with a set of cards on the table but can turn the odds in our favour and we can all win the game. The city you live in, your family’s heritage or your childhood friends are things that were given to you as a gift and you always have two choices: to change your perspective about them for the better or to choose another fate. It is your birthright to be happy and to choose the life you would like to live so it is completely up to you how you design your world.

Lesson #4 Ask, Believe, Receive

This is the recipe for turning aspirations into reality and longing into gratitude. By asking the universe for what you desire, you set your intention and you commit to your dreams. By believing that it is possible to come true, you transform your mind and prepare yourself to be ready for your new future. Daydreaming often separates us from the subject of our dreams because it convinces us that what we imagine is unreal and different from the physical reality. In turn, if we pretend that our dream has already come true and we play the role of the person who we would like to become, we can turn the law of attraction to our advantage.

Rhonda sets the brilliant example of filling a check with the money you want to receive so that your mind becomes familiar with the idea. You can also print the best-selling book cover you aspire to write or the magazine cover with your picture that announces your great success. Hang them up on your wall so that you see them every day!

Lesson #5 Acting Upon Becomes Natural

Using the law of attraction in your favour doesn’t mean that you take no action for your goals but that the actions you take will come naturally without you making effort or working hard for them. Riding a bicycle doesn’t come naturally to us but once it becomes a habit you stop thinking about how to keep balance and paddle at the same time. It can happen with your aspirations as well and the only limit is your imagination. You are the architect of your future and your future starts right now: So what will you create out of it?

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