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5 Transformative Books That Will Elevate Your Relationships

Countless studies show that the number one factor that determines the quality of our life is the quality of our relationships. Yet, this is the area that gives us most of our doubts and the subject we don’t learn about throughout our education. We tend to inherit the same patterns in the way we form and maintain relationships with others from our environment and we wonder – does one size fit all?

Love is a transformative power and we can spot from a thousand miles how people change when somebody special enters their lives. But after the initial glow fades away we start asking questions: Are women and men that different? Is there really such a thing called soul mate and how do I know if I found it?

Sometimes, we wish we had a command on our journey of love and relationships that shows us the right path. These books will accompany you on the way and will answer you the questions you were too afraid to ask.

The Body Language of Love:

The opposite gender is often a mystery to us, so much that it feels like they speak another language when they talk. Allan and Barbara Pease are the authors of 15 books including Why Men Don’t Listen and Women Can’t Read Maps and Why Men Lie and Women Cry. Their work has created a common language between genders that translates the signs we often misinterpret.

The key to a fulfilling and lasting relationship is mastering the art of communication with our partner, but we often forget about the unspoken tells in our body language. If we can understand the feelings our partner is unaware of or too afraid to share, we can resolve conflicts before they grow bigger and create a mutual understanding that brings harmony and peace into our relationships.

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Wabi Sabi Love:

Happily ever after… this is how our childhood stories described relationships and marriages to us and we all grew up thinking that after we find the one we can stop putting in the work. Now we know that the challenging part starts only after we say I do but what is the secret of staying blissful with the choice of our heart for a lifetime?

Arielle Ford reveals the ancient Japanese wisdom about how to make love last forever: illuminating the beauty in imperfection. Wabi Sabi Love provides all the answers to your questions about how to experience more balance, harmony, and joy in your relationships. A must-read for everyone who is ready to build a blissful love life with a partner!

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How to Instantly Connect with Anyone:

It is a common misbelief that some people are just born with the innate ability to connect with others easily and others are less charismatic. The truth is that communication can be learnt and the tools that will help you build a network or a deep relationship are not that different from each other.

Leil Lowndes shares 96 of his best tricks from his communication expertise that you can apply in any area of your life to gain more respect, be credible and speak with confidence. Success starts in your relationships with people and this handbook will give you the right tools to achieve it.

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Magical Souvenirs:

If you are a believer of encounters that are meant to be and the miracles that life holds for you, this book will speak to your soul. Arielle Ford captures the magic that is all around us and that we fail to notice in our everyday life.

These touching and uplifting stories from all around the world will be the proof that anything could happen, even love at first sight if only you believe in it and seek the mystery around you. Arielle has compiled the best awe-inspiring coincidences with a spark of the law of attraction and spiritual awakening to amaze your mind and inspire your soul.

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Celebrating Love from The Art of Living:

When spirituality meets compassion, they give birth to the most powerful force that keeps everything together in the universe: Unconditional Love. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, the renowned guru and spiritual guide shares a glimpse of this wisdom between the pages of this book with in-depth stories but through simple expression.

He teaches the reader how to deal with fear and anger and how to overcome our inner confusion so that we can open our minds to beauty and life’s mysteries. Once you learn to transform these negative emotions into healthy relationships and spirituality you will always be surrounded by pure love and live with compassion.

It is human to feel the need for love and it is natural that we seek guidance about how our relationships could become happier, healthier and more complete. Human connections probably form the most complex and least discovered field of study but if you are open to exploring it, these pioneers will show you the way, one page at a time.

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