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The 3 Step Formula for Becoming a Powerful Leader

Power and money move the world, as they as, though the people who chase power often go down the wrong way and lose sight of their own well-being and happiness. The concept of power is often misinterpreted as it gives the feeling that if we want to be powerful we have to constantly struggle and fight for getting what we want.

However, if we become more mindful about it, power can be effortless. Instead of trying to dominate over others and only think about ourselves we can discover a way of leading with compassion, finding ways to help others and creating an impact on their lives. Great leaders think about how they can contribute to the world first and people naturally follow their path.

If you aspire to find the power within you, you will need to start right here with these three steps.

1 Victim vs. Leader Mindset

The number one thing that separates leaders who are looked upon from ordinary people is their attitude towards ownership. A leader will never point the finger on others or waste their time explaining themselves because they simply refuse excuses. They know that they always have a choice and they live with it compared to people who are stuck in a victim mindset thinking that the events of their life just happen to them and not created by them.

Think about in which areas of your life you are acting like a victim and a leader. Be mindful of your words and be brave enough to apologize when needed and acknowledge your mistakes. If you are clear about your vision and the goals that lead you to achieve it then you won’t look at minor mistakes as a failure but an opportunity to learn. Make sure you surround yourself with people who think in a similar way so that you can help each other grow!

2 Embrace Your Shadow Side

Once you take a seat in the leader’s chair, all your traits and shortcomings will magnify. It is easy to fit in when you are hiding in the crowd, but if you decide to stand out you will be facing a mirror and the truth you are not necessarily comfortable about.

Don’t let your issues from your past and mental blocks keep you back from becoming a more powerful you! It is human to have fear and doubt but it is your own choice if you listen to these thoughts or build awareness about them and let them go. Being vulnerable is the first step towards becoming more powerful.

#3 Speak Your Truth

Authenticity is essential for every leader and public figure as it is the very thing that gains the trust of people. You will inevitably receive more attention as you start stepping up to your power and you have no other choice than to show yourself as you are. If you wish to be liked by people, the point is not to be perfect but to always be yourself with every flaw you have. This is the way people will resonate with you and accept you as a leader without the need to prove your power over others.

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