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5 Ways the Universe Tells You That You Are Protected

There comes a time for all of us in life when we need to deal with hardship and adversity. In order to go through it, we need to develop strength and resilience but more importantly, we need to have faith in ourselves and in the universe or the higher power of our choice. When it seems like nothing that we do works and we are about to lose hope, it is important that we see the cues that are all around us.

1. I Challenge You To Become Better

When we face disappointment or failure we ask: Why me? Although, if we look back and see what we have got through in our past, we discover that the best lessons we learnt came from the hardest moments. It is these challenging moments that prepared you for your future and made you more powerful. If you see it from this angle, each time you fall will reveal itself as a blessing and a reason to be grateful.

2. I Always Say Yes

No matter what you say or ask, the universe will always say yes to you. If you believe that life is hard, it will show you reasons to find it difficult indeed. If you believe that life is beautiful, it will show you beauty in everything. Don’t ask Why am I so broke, miserable, or unhappy? but instead ask Why am I so fulfilled, abundant and strong? and you will stumble upon more and more proof to believe so.

3. I Whisper My Wisdom

Most of the time we are surrounded by noise as well as companies and people fighting for our attention. When the world around us shouts in our ears and blinds our eyes it is easy to forget about pausing and listening to our inner voice that tells us the truth. The universe never stops sharing its truth but you need to be available to hear it. Take some time every day to meditate, go for a long walk or just sit in silence and breathe. Don’t be scared to listen to your inner guidance, it only wants the best for you.

4. I Have Chosen You For A Mission

Seeking our role in the world and the reason why we are here on this planet often gives us doubts, even though we all have a special assignment. Look back and discover the signs in your childhood: Who were you before society and authority figures told you who you should be? That is your true self and it is time for you to follow the path you were meant to since the beginning.

5. I Love You The Way You Are

Even when we cannot accept ourselves and we feel uncomfortable in our own skin, the universe accepts us just the way we are. It has created us in pure perfection but sometimes, we forget about our own greatness. Remember that we are all connected on this Earth and the world is not looking for reasons why it should love you, it simply does. And so should you feel towards yourself.

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