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Top 5 Must Read Books on Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the essential skills everyone who wants to make it in their professional life must master. As a leader in your company, business, group, team, or even in your family, you must learn how to communicate effectively through public speaking.

This skill is important because if you want to initiate change, motivate other people, influence decisions and create a connection, you must learn to master public speaking. And here are the top 5 must read books on the subject.

1. The Art of Public Speaking by Stephen E. Lucas

Stephen E. Lucas is a professor from the University of California, and his work has been well-received by many people including winning the awards from his teachings. He received the Golden Anniversary Award of the National Communication Association in 1977 and was also nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

In this book, Stephen covers all ground from the preparation of the speech to delivering it. The Art of Public Speaking customizes and personalizes the learning style for every student according to their skill level. This book has also been transformed into a full course and is available on the market.

2. The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking by Dale Carnegie

This is a must-read book to improve your public speaking skill from the famous communication master, Dale Carnegie. This book aims to help you in learning how to communicate effectively, win people over their point of view and becoming a great conversationalist.

Carnegie divided his ideas into 5 sections in this book. The first part is where you get to learn fundamental of effective speaking, the second part focuses on your speech and audience, the third part on your purpose, the fourth part is about your presentation and the last part talks about the challenge in effective speaking.

3. Talk Like TED by Carmine Gallo

We all know that communication and presenting our ideas to other people are important in order to succeed. Carmine Gallo, in his bestselling book, Talk Like TED shares with you how you can develop your skills in selling your ideas effectively, like in a TED talk.

The author has broken down over hundreds of TED talks, interviewed some of the most popular TED presenters and also done research in the fields of communication and psychology to present you the 9 secrets of delivering a successful TED talk. You will learn his step-by-step strategy to deliver a presentation that is engaging and persuasive.

4. Steal the Show by Michael Port

Michael Port in his bestselling title, Steal the Show, believes that every interaction is a performance. And if we want to produce outstanding success in our professional and personal life, we must learn to inspire an audience.

Michael will share with you his techniques and principles in making your own moments in the spotlight. You will discover how to deliver a presentation with a clear focus, how to manage your nerves and also engage with your audience for maximum impact. Port has devised a system that anyone can leverage to ensure his or her voice is heard when it matters most.

5. Speak to Win by Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy is the famous entrepreneur, best-selling author and also a personal development guru. In his book, Speak to Win, he reveals his time-tested techniques that you can use to present effectively and speak with confidence no matter it is in an informal meeting or in front of a large group.

Tracy is the premier speaker and can be the ideal instructor teaches his readers how to express your idea effectively, persuade others and also achieve their goals on any occasion with any audience. If you want to improve your public speaking skill, get this book.

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