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How to Sleep Well

Learn 3 Important Things That Improve Your Sleep Quality!

Studies have shown that a good night’s sleep in one of our main contributors to our healthy brain function, emotional well-being and physical health. No matter how much we strive to be more productive and perform to the best of our abilities, without healthy sleeping habits we won’t be able to produce quality work and it will take us much longer than expected.

When we pay attention to our sleep cycles and make time for proper rest, we can be more creative, maintain our focus easier and our memory will function better as well. Besides, we feel less stressed and it might even stretch our lifespan. It’s time we make our sleep-routine a priority!

Your Environment Matters

When we have difficulty sleeping, we often choose to occupy our minds waiting for the moment when we can finally feel sleepy enough to drift into the land of dreams. It is common to watch TV or stare at a phone in the night, even though these screens prevent you from falling into a deep sleep. When we directly look into a light source, our body has difficulty producing melatonin, the hormone which is essential for our brain to switch to different waves and take a rest.

Make sure you have a different space to sleep than the one where you do focused activities throughout the day. This way, your mind can differentiate between active time and sleeping time and immediately knows what to do when you lay your head on your pillow. It is also suggested to avoid the colour red in your bedroom and keep your belongings in order so that you feel comfortable without looking for things to do.

The Right Time For Everything

You may be a morning person who feels ready to charge the world at six in the morning or a night owl who turn into a genius after the sun goes down. We all have our own habits and our limits to our comfort zone but our brain waves are not different. During one night, our mind keeps changing between states of being awake, seeing vivid dreams and getting into a deep sleep. The more time we spend in a deep state the better our brain can process our experiences and let in new information the next day.

Going to bed before midnight improves sleep quality for most people and in case you missed your bedtime, you can make up for it with a nap in the afternoon. Sleep cycle apps will show you how much time you spend in bed and the quality of your rest every night so you can experiment with your sleeping habits in order to improve.

Where Do You Lay Your Head?

Comfort is an important contributor to our time spent resting. It is worth investing in a mattress of a good quality and a pillow that matches our sleeping style. If you like sleeping on your back, then you need a lower pillow compared to others who sleep on their sides. Changing positions overnight? You may consider the one that adjusts to your posture and say goodbye to neck pain forever.

We spend one third of our lives sleeping so make sure you do it well! Pay attention to your posture and your environment and make time for rest so that you can keep going throughout the whole day!

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