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Allan and Barbara Pease

Allan and Barbara Pease are the founders for the Pease International; they are successful authors, speakers and also experts in body language, relationships, and communication skills.

Allan Pease was born in Australia and together with his wife Barbara; they have started a company and written 18 books. Out of all their books, 10 of the books went on to become the best sellers and were also ranked #1. Their books have been translated to more than 54 languages, selling more than 27 million copies worldwide. Some of their famous book titles include The Definitive Book of Body Language, Why Men Don’t Have A Clue & Women Always Need More Shoes, Questions Are The Answers, Why Men Want Sex & Women Need Love and Body Language of Love.

The Pease couple appeared regularly in many television shows and radio shows, and their work has been featured in 9 television series, 4 stage plays, and a Number 1 box-office movie. Apart from that, Allan and Barbara are constantly on the move. They are very active in the seminar business, teaching and sharing their programs and courses to over 70 countries including Russia, UK, Europe and their home country, Australia.

Today, both Allan and Barbara have accumulated more than 4 decades of experience in the body language field. They provide public and private seminars, coaching, VIP training, and also distributing training materials through DVDs, webinars, and books. Besides that, they also created the Heliport Studio, the music business creates Pop Music albums, MTV videos, and post-production for television and film. Their monthly relationship column had over 20 million readers. Apart from that, Barbara is also the Australia’s biggest selling female author with 14 bestsellers to her credit. They both now live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia.

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