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Felix Dennis

Felix Dennis was a performer, philanthropist, a poet and also an English publisher. He found a publishing company called Dennis Publishing in the United Kingdom that pioneered in tech, computer, and hobbyist. And lately, the company ventured into lifestyle industry through the magazine, The Week.

Born in 1947, Dennis started his first band, Flamingo with his friends when he was still in school. In 1964, he was earning money by playing in the R&B bands, working as a window display artist and also as a sign painter.

Dennis started to work as a street seller, selling the Oz magazine, which he then wrote a review on the Led Zeppelin debut album and was promoted to become the co-editor for the magazine. After Oz magazine closed down, Dennis worked for his own magazine publishing company and launched Cozmic in 1973. He also launched Kung Fu Monthly magazine after the rise of the film, Enter The Dragon. The magazine was a success, earning Dennis over £60,000 in the first year.

Dennis also published Personal Computer World, established MacUser and co-found MicroWarehouse, which the company went public in 1992 was listed on the NASDAQ. The company grew and has 3500 employees in 13 countries with worldwide sales in 2000 of $2.5 billion. Dennis then sold the company and made most of his wealth there.

Today, the Dennis Publishing held more than 50 titles including Computer Shopper, PC World, Maxim, The Week, Auto Express, PC Pro, CarBuyer, and much more. Dennis also released numerous popular poet books such as A Glass Half Full, Lone Wolf, When Jack Sued Jill, Island of Dreams, and more. Apart from that, he also wrote books about his life and how he amassed his wealth through his bestselling title, How to Get Rich, and followed by How To Make Money.

In 2008, Dennis filmed his documentary called Felix Dennis: Millionaire Poet and was well received by the audience. He has appeared and featured in many media such as The Times, CBS’s 60 Minutes, BBC Radio 4, South Bank Show and also BBC Breakfast. In 2013, he won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the British Media Awards.

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