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James Allen

James Allen was born in 1864 and was a British author. His best-known book, “As A Man Thinketh” was wildly successful and has been mass produced and quoted on many different medias today.

Allen was a philosophical writer that was known for his inspirational writings and also as one of the pioneers in the self-help industry. He started as a private secretary and stationer in several British manufacturing firms, and in 1893, he moved to South Wales and then started earning his living through reporting and journaling. His breakthrough year came in 1898 when he found a job where he can showcase his work and his writings in a magazine called The Herald of the Golden Age.

This was when Allen published his first book, From Poverty to Power in 1901. And a year after that, he published his own magazine called The Light of Reason, which he changed the name to The Epoch later. And in 1903, he wrote and published “A Man Thinketh” as his third book. The book became a success and was read by many around the world, making him one of the frontiers in inspirational thought movement. Allen then quit his job and started to pursue his passion in writing full time. On average, he wrote and published a book each year.

In total, Allen has written 19 books including Byways of Blessedness, The Mastery of Destiny, Above Life’s Turmoil, Light on Life’s Difficulties and more. His most famous work was still his third book, “As A Man Thinketh.” The book has been featured and quoted by many including the lyrics to the song “Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts” by Funkadelic were based on Allen’s book. The book was also featured in the movie, Rumble Fish. And rapper, Gucci Mane stated that the book was inspirational for achieving sobriety and losing weight.

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