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Joe Vitale

Dr. Joe Vitale is a famous author, a musician and also a public speaker. He is known for his work in the best-selling book and film, The Secret. Joe found his own marketing consultant company, Hypnotic Marketing, where he is the president there. He is often known as the “the Buddha of the Internet” due to his combination of spirituality and marketing acumen on the internet.

Dr. Joe Vitale has worked with many professional clients including Red Cross, PBS, Doubleday Books, the American Business Women’s Association, Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, and many other small and large businesses. He has written numerous books such as The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits, Hypnotic Writing, The Awaken Millionaire, At Zero, Life’s Missing Instruction Manual and more. His most famous book is The Attractor Factor that became the #1 bestseller, not once, but twice, and also beating the international bestseller title, Harry Potter.

Apart from books, Joe has also published plenty of audio programs and audio books. Plus, one of this famous home-study course, Hypnotic Selling Secrets made him $450,000 in just 3 days of launching the program. He has appeared on many TV shows and has been interviewed by many including Larry King Live, ExtraTV, Newsweek, CNBC, CNN radio and more.

Today, Dr. Joe Vitale is one of the most sought after public speakers who deliver speeches across the world in many countries like Russia, Peru, Canada, Poland and Kuwait. He has also been featured as the keynote speaker at National Speakers Association Convention in 2007. Apart from being an author and speaker, Joe also has been featured in many films including The Opus, Leap!, Try it on Everything, and his latest film, The Abundance Factor.

In 2012, he produced a new genre music in a self-help CD called Healing Music. To date, Dr. Joe Vitale has produced 6 singer-songwriter CDs and 9 instrumental CDs. He has reached the celebrity status in the personal development industry and has millions of followers on the internet.

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