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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Ravi Shankar, one of the famous spiritual and humanitarian leaders, is often referred to as ‘Sri Sri’, which means honorific. He found The Art Of Living Foundation in 1981 and his work has reached more than 300 million people worldwide. He has written numerous books including Celebrating Silence, which was his most popular book. In 1997, Ravi Shankar established the International Association for Human Values based in Geneva aimed to foster shared global value and promote rural development.

Ravi Shankar has received some highest awards from numerous countries such as Paraguay, Peru, Columbia, and India. In 2016, he was awarded the “Padma Vibhushan” by the Indian government. He held his first Art of Living course in Switzerland in 1983 and traveled to California for his first US course in 1986.

Ravi Shankar has been recognized internationally as the ambassador of peace. In 1992, he established a prison program to help rehabilitate prisoners and helped them get jobs after their release. He is currently also a ‘Board of World Religious Leaders’.

Ravi Shankar’s famous breathing technique, ‘Sudarshan Kriya’, has reached millions of people in the world and this breathing technique has been accredited by numerous health institutes for improving one’s brain functionality and immune system. In 2001, he published a book called Celebrating Silence and has become his most influential publication.

In 2005, Ravi Shankar was awarded the ‘Global Humanitarian Award’ in the US, was regarded as the 5th ‘most powerful person’ in India by Forbes, was honored the Paraguay’s highest civilian award, the ‘National Order of Merito de Comuneros’, and his Art Of Living course has become part of NASA’s training program. Apart from that, in 2009, Ravi Shankar also initiated the Sri Sri University in Odisha, and the school went on to win the Best Innovative University Award at the 2017 National Education Excellence Awards.

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