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Wallace Wattles

Wallace Wattles was a new thought writer and one of his profound works, The Science of Getting Rich has become one of the most influential books that changed people’s lives.

Wallace was born in 1860 and started as a farm laborer. Somehow, he managed to amass some money and become wealthy. And in 1910, he published a book, The Science of Getting Rich, but his work did not get the notice of the world until 2006, where Rhonda Byrne, the author and film maker of The Secret, credit Wallace’s book.

Wallace did not write just one book, he published a few including The Science of Being Well, The Science of Winning Love, The Science of Being Great, and the ground-breaking, The Science of Getting Rich.

He was not just a writer, he also ran for public office. In 1908, he ran as a Socialist Party of America candidate in the Eighth Congressional District, representing as a socialist candidate, however, he did not win the election. Wallace Wattles passed away at age 51 and was regarded as “untimely” by his daughter.

The Science of Getting Rich, which deals with a “certain way of thinking” that leads people to get wealthy, was picked up by Rhonda Byrne in 2006. Inspired by Wallace’s ideas and teachings, Rhonda made the film and wrote the book, The Secret, which popularized the “Law of Attraction” that was mentioned by Wallace in his book as a way of thinking to get rich.

In 2007, Tarcher/Penguin reprinted The Science of Getting Rich, and their initial print run was 75,000 copies. Today, Wallace’s teachings have influenced many and Bob Proctor has also created a program based on the book’s knowledge. The personal development scholar, Tom Butler-Bowdon has included the book in his list, “50 Success Classics” in 2004.

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