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5 Must Read Books On Entrepreneurship

The path to becoming a successful entrepreneur is not an easy one. Thus, many entrepreneurs dedicated their success to reading and getting inspiration from books. This is especially true when you face difficulties, challenges, and setbacks on the road to success in your business. Furthermore, great leaders are readers. Successful entrepreneurs read and study other […]

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5 Must Read Books On Peace And Happiness

Living a peaceful life full of happiness is important. There is no point to accumulate a ton of wealth, but having no health to enjoy it. In this new era, most people are so focused on chasing success and wealth, but they forgot to build their inner peace and are not living a happy life. […]

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5 Must Read Books On Psychology

When it comes to reading books, living successfully, and improving the quality in every area of your life, you must start from your psychology, in other words, your thinking, your attitudes, and your inner world. There are plenty of psychology books out there in the bookstore. And here are 5 must read books on psychology […]

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Top 5 Must Read Books on Public Speaking

Public speaking is one of the essential skills everyone who wants to make it in their professional life must master. As a leader in your company, business, group, team, or even in your family, you must learn how to communicate effectively through public speaking. This skill is important because if you want to initiate change, […]

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Top 5 Must Read Books on Productivity

Productivity is a huge and topic that almost everyone talks about it these days. There are many different approaches and principles in getting things done, becoming more productive and producing more and better results. In today’s world, personal productivity has become a crucial part of life because there are more distractions like the social media […]

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Top 5 Must Read Books on Body Language

Do you know that body language is an important part of our communication that very few actually learn about it? In fact, body language makes up most of what we use to communicate and is essential in bringing the message we are trying to converse each day. You can clearly tell if someone is telling […]

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Top 5 Books That Inspired Elon Musk

How to be SpaceX and Tesla owner and CEO, Elon Musk? Well, aside from having your own space rocket manufacturing company and having billions of dollars in investments, you must have the hunger for information that Musk has to become like him. You must have that love for books that Musk has had even before […]

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Top 5 Recommended Books for Housewives: Work from Home Guide

Working from home may just be the next big thing for housewives. They won’t have to commute, to work far from their families and won’t have to struggle with workplace issues. Working at home means they could have more time to pursue new interests which could be impossible if they had to work in an […]

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7 Benefits of Reading: Why Should I Read Every Day

I remember being an avid reader when I was as a young child. I would read pocketbooks, novels and almost every popular recommended reads. I would spend hours flipping one page to another and even let my mind wander off in some distant land, a setting in one of the novels I have read. But […]

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