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5 Must Read Books On Psychology

When it comes to reading books, living successfully, and improving the quality in every area of your life, you must start from your psychology, in other words, your thinking, your attitudes, and your inner world. There are plenty of psychology books out there in the bookstore. And here are 5 must read books on psychology […]

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Top 5 Books That Inspired Elon Musk

How to be SpaceX and Tesla owner and CEO, Elon Musk? Well, aside from having your own space rocket manufacturing company and having billions of dollars in investments, you must have the hunger for information that Musk has to become like him. You must have that love for books that Musk has had even before […]

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Top 5 Recommended Books for Housewives: Work from Home Guide

Working from home may just be the next big thing for housewives. They won’t have to commute, to work far from their families and won’t have to struggle with workplace issues. Working at home means they could have more time to pursue new interests which could be impossible if they had to work in an […]

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Top 10 Books Bill Gates Thinks Everyone Should Read

Would you believe that despite Bill Gate’s very busy schedule, he manages to read at least a book a week? Not only is Gates an accomplished entrepreneur, co-founder of Microsoft and an author, he is also a philanthropist and much of his reads are recently related to his humanitarian work.  I have always admired Gates […]

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How to Win Friends and Influence People? (Book Review)

This amazing bestseller from Dale Carnegie will teach you outstanding lessons for becoming a master of interpersonal relations and how to make new friends. Dale shared his wisdom with the world and influenced many people to become the best version of themselves. By using these simple rules in their everyday life people can accomplish their […]

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3 Must Read Books for Introverts

Many of us believe that we live in an extro-centric world and that extroverts can’t live with introverts, but what does it actually mean to be an introvert? People wrongly assume that introverted people like to be for themselves and avoiding any social settings. This is not true and there are in fact more introverted […]

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Think and Grow Rich Book Review

If you are looking for a good read that will give you an eye-opening moment you will love Think and Grow Rich. Presenting the ultimate financial book that has been loved and cherished by many and has helped people in all ages towards a richer and prosperous life. Think and Grow Rich Think and Grow […]

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